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  • Commercial & Residential Pool Decks

  • Pool deck repairs give a brand new life to your concrete. In the event your pool deck's structurally sound surface has damage like spalling, cracking, or discoloration maybe it's a candidate for repairs. Choices range from a straightforward color improvement to complete resurfacing.

    How does each type of repair work?

    Filler — fills small cracks leading to added strength for a weakened area of the surface.

    Joint sealant — stops moisture from entering cracks or joints to stop further damage.

    Patch — used to correct bigger cracks or smooth areas of spalling

    Overlay — creates a new brand new surface for the whole pool deck

    Pressure washer or cleaners — utilized to completely clean the surface of different stains

    Coloring agents — surface applied colors such as stains which will help camouflage imperfections

    Strip and reseal — chemicals are used to eliminate the failing sealer and a brand new one is applied

    Grit additives — put into the sealer to enhance slip resistance

    Slabjacking foam — injected under settled concrete to raise it back to the original level